Prof. Yuthika Girme
Simon Fraser University
Single and Stigmatized: Understanding The Roots and Consequences of Singlehood Stigma

Prof. Jeffrey Brown Jackson
Virginia Tech University
Ambiguous Loss in Adults Experiencing Prolonged Singlehood

Prof. Elyakim Kislev
The Hebrew University
New Directions in Studying Singlehood: Reasons, Consequences, and Identities

Prof. Kinneret Lahad
Tel Aviv University
Towards an Affective Reading of Singlehood: Some Suggestions for a New Research Agenda

Prof. Geoff MacDonald
University of Toronto
Putting Sex and Dating in Context in Single People’s Lives

Prof. Dimitri Mortelmans
University of Antwerp
Trends in singleness across cohorts

Dr Lonneke van den Berg
Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute
Young singlehood: a life-course perspective